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The shortage of competent people in Germany in 2023 and the many career opportunities there are the main topics of this post. Why does Germany lack workers? A nation that is so strong and advanced, yet they still lacks workers? The lack of workers in Germany will astound you. Germany needs international laborers. The German government also simplified the application process for work visas.

The most recent data indicates that there are 20 lac workers needed. Additionally, the German government is inviting professionals from all around the world to work there. Additionally, the German government will begin issuing German Job Seeker Visas in 2023, allowing foreigners to visit the country and look for work there even if they do not yet have a job offer. We will explain how to find employment in Germany and how to fully capitalize on this scarcity in this post.

Really? Shortage of Skilled Workers Jobs in Germany? How? 

First of all! Why Germany is facing a Shortage of Skilled Workers and the reason behind this. You will understand through the chart given below.


Why Germany is Short of Workers?

This graph shows the age distribution of the German population. The majority of Germans over the age of 40 are followed by 18% of those over 60.

There are extremely few persons in the Young Generation or those between the ages of 20 and 40. In Germany, children and older adults make up over 80% of the population.

Actual working age ranges from 20 to 40 years. And barely 20% of Germany’s population is under this age.

The primary cause of Germany’s shortage of skilled workers is the distribution of ages. By this point, the skilled labor shortage has gotten so bad that it has significantly slowed down our economy.

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What Steps German Government is Taking to Tackle Shortage of Workers?

Germany wants to attract 400,000 skilled workers from abroad each year.

Also, the minimum wage in Germany is increased from $12 to ($13.60) per hour to make working in Germany more attractive.

Germany is also set to Pass the law to make it easier for skilled foreign workers to come from non-EU countries.

Professions in Demand

  • Green Jobs
  • Nursing Professionals
  • Physicians
  • Engineers
  • IT
  • Scientists
  • Craftspeople
  • Careers in Transport

Criteria to be Met

The following criteria must also be met to apply for the scheme:

  • You must have a Job offer from Germany
  • Find jobs here according to your field:
  • Also, you can find jobs at:
  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree or vocational training
  • Work Experience if you have.
  • Language skills or a previous stay in Germany
  • 35 years old or younger

Germany Work Visa 

Once you are set and you have all the documents in hand you can apply for the Germany Work Visa from your home country. You can find German embassies or consulates in your country.

All details and Types of Work Visa for Germany:

Once you have identified the Work Visa type for yourself. You can apply at the Embassy of Germany. You may also ask for updated information from the German embassy in your country.

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