Tsinghua University Scholarship For International Students


With a rich history dating back to 1911, Tsinghua University has earned a reputation as one of China’s most prestigious and internationally renowned institutions of higher education. Located in the heart of Beijing, Tsinghua University has become a beacon of academic excellence, attracting scholars and students from around the world. Recognizing the importance of promoting international cooperation and cultural exchange, Tsinghua offers a myriad of fully funded scholarship programs designed exclusively for international students. In this article, we review these scholarship programs and explore the countless opportunities they offer.

Why choose Tsinghua University?

Before diving into the scholarship programs, it is important to understand why Tsinghua University stands out as an exceptional choice for international students. Boasting a comprehensive range of subjects, Tsinghua offers world-class education in fields such as engineering, science, humanities, social sciences, arts and business administration. The university’s commitment to cutting-edge research and innovation has led to significant contributions in various fields of study, making it an ideal environment for ambitious scholars.

Additionally, the cultural diversity on campus enriches the educational experience for international students, providing a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Chinese culture while making global connections. Tsinghua’s state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated faculty, and vibrant campus life contribute to an unparalleled educational journey.

Fully funded scholarship program

Tsinghua University is dedicated to providing opportunities for talented international students who may otherwise face financial barriers. Through various scholarship programs, the university ensures that deserving individuals can pursue their academic aspirations without worrying about tuition fees and living expenses. Below are some of the fully funded scholarship programs offered by Tsinghua University:

Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship):

The China Government Scholarship, sponsored by the China Scholarship Council (CSC), is one of the most sought-after scholarship opportunities in China. It supports outstanding international students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs at Tsinghua University. The scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, monthly stipend, and comprehensive medical insurance.

Tsinghua University Scholarships for International Students:

Tsinghua University itself offers a range of scholarships for exceptional international students. These scholarships are available for different degree levels and cover tuition fees, accommodation costs, and living allowance.

Schwarzman Scholars Program:

The Schwarzman Scholars Program is a highly prestigious scholarship initiative designed to develop future leaders in a global context. This is a one-year master’s degree program at Tsinghua University, fully funded to cover tuition, accommodation, travel expenses, and a stipend.

Yenching Academy Scholarship:

This scholarship is specifically designed for students interested in China studies and interdisciplinary research. The Yenching Academy Scholarship provides funding for a one-year master’s program, including tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses.

Tsinghua University-Tsinghua International Postgraduate Program (TIP):

TIP is a special scholarship program for outstanding international postgraduate students. This includes tuition fees, accommodation, living allowance, and health insurance.

Application Process:

The application process for Tsinghua University scholarship programs usually opens in the fall, and interested candidates can apply for Chinese Government Scholarships through University’s official website or the China Scholarship Council website. Applicants are required to submit academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and other relevant documents depending on the scholarship program.

Specific requirements for University scholarship programs may vary depending on the type of scholarship and level of study (undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral). However, I will outline some general requirements that generally apply to the many scholarship programs offered by University.

Applicants must submit the following documents:


  • Tsinghua University Scholarship webpage.


Programs Offered By Tsinghua University:

  1. Engineering: Tsinghua University is renowned for its engineering programs and offers a comprehensive range of engineering disciplines, including:
    • Electronic Engineering
    • Computer Science and Technology
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Aerospace Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Materials Science and Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Biomedical Engineering
  2. Sciences: Tsinghua University offers various science programs that cover fundamental and applied sciences:
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Mathematics
    • Statistics
    • Earth System Science
    • Astronomy
    • Environmental Science
    • Oceanography
  3. Social Sciences and Humanities: Tsinghua University has a strong emphasis on social sciences and humanities, providing a wide array of programs:
    • Economics
    • Sociology
    • International Relations
    • Law
    • Public Policy and Administration
    • Psychology
    • Philosophy
    • History
    • Foreign Languages and Literature
  4. Arts and Design: The university also houses programs related to arts and design:
    • Fine Arts
    • Industrial Design
    • Digital Media Technology
    • Architecture
  5. Business and Management: Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management offers world-class business and management programs, including:
    • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
    • EMBA (Executive MBA)
    • Finance
    • Management Science and Engineering
  6. Interdisciplinary Programs: Tsinghua University encourages interdisciplinary research and offers programs that span multiple fields, including:
    • Environmental Science and Engineering
    • Systems Engineering
    • Applied Mathematics
  7. International Programs: Tsinghua also provides programs specifically designed for international students, such as:
    • Tsinghua International Master’s Program in Public Administration (IMP)
    • International Master’s Program in Environmental Engineering and Management (IEEM)

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and University continues to evolve its academic offerings. For the most up-to-date and comprehensive list of programs, I recommend visiting Tsinghua University’s official website or contacting their admissions office directly. MORE

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